Hamilton Wine Connoisseurs’ Club

                      Wine Lovers of Hamilton NZ

Welcome to the Hamilton Wine Connoisseurs Club. With over 40 years of wine tastings, wine travel, fellowship and enjoyment we are Hamilton’s and probably one of New Zealand's oldest wine clubs. We are a friendly, unpretentious club with a passion to learn about wine, wine terms and wine areas of the world.

The club has a varied program including self-hosting where presenters from the club research the wines for the meeting and present their findings. This usually consists of tasting three white wines and three red wines accompanied by platters of cheeses, bread and other nibbles.

These functions are intermixed during the year with those where we invite winemakers from NZ Wineries ranging from the very small – Petane Station, Blackridge - to the iconic such as Villa Maria. These are very popular and there is the opportunity for members to purchase wines from the wineries at great “mates’ rates”.

We also have tastings of wines celebrating national and international events: e.g. French wines in July for their National Day and Italian, German and Spanish wines plus other wine producing countries for their special occasions, Rugby Highlights - celebrating NZ, South African, Australia and Argentinian wines. Also on occasions brown paper bag tastings or by a more realistic name - “Guess the wine”!

December is time for the Christmas party with many different wines, lunch and crazy Christmas quizzes followed in January by a BBQ for those not away on holiday to enjoy each other’s company with good wine and food….

In May is the AGM (usually very “short and sweet” at under 30 minutes) before we have an “options tasting” & wine quiz at a very nominal charge for this event.

We have a reasonable wine cellar which we draw our wines from and a very competent Cellar master.

Each year we try to organise a long weekend Club trip to a New Zealand wine producing area and usually every two or three years we expand on this to run a short overseas wine trip. Trips in the past have been to Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa and Adelaide with the next planned trip likely to be to Tasmania in 2023.

The club has small newsletter WineTalk which is produced monthly and keeps you in touch with the latest wines and wine news from NZ and overseas.

We meet late afternoon on the second Sunday of the month at a central Hamilton location.

Due to changes in the Government management of Covid, function numbers etc. the Club while it does not now require members to be "Double Vaccinated" it does prefer its members to be vacinated. The conditions applying to the membership do change as Covid in NZ changes with the current requirements being supplied on request.

The membership for the Club is again open with provision for small numbers of new members to be accepted. With the expereince gained over the last year we have found a membership number we can manage and are now accepting new members to maintain this number as vacancies arise. This seems to be the best way the Club can manage the peaks in membership requests received over the last few years.

Contact the Club if you would like your name placed on our membership list.

If you are still interested in finding out more about the Club then please call Gay Main on 027 622 1005 or email: gaymain@actrix.co.nz

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